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FLASH Series
Design Inspiration from Nature
Type:       FLASH
Width(mm):    1.3±5%
Thickness(μm):  350±5%

Nature shape, creating a more grass like feel and appearance.

The Flash shape yarn is vertical and natural feel, creating an amazing experience and performance for players.

The magic of resilience ---The magic of stamp on recovery rate Perfect motion performance
An elaborately exclusive design from Holland Royal Tencate Thiolon.

Scope of application: Football,Rugby and baseball

ULTRA Series
U shape with central stem, super anti- abrasion
Type:       Ultra
Width(mm):    1.7±5%
Thickness(μm):  220-260±5%

Excellent orthostatic
    Unique U-shaped cross section, which makes the hand feeling more firm and thick, has great enhanced the upright effect, and improved the durability.

High anti- abrasion and high resilience.
    With excellent anti- abrasion and movement performance, the rebound resilience of the EN series artificial grass is several times higher than ordinary products. All of these features make grass fiber effectively contacting and supporting the ball, the movement is carried on the grass.

Good Water storage performance
    The U shape improves the water storage performance of artificial turf system, effectively reduces the temperature of the lawn system, make the movement environment more excellent.

Application fields: Professional football pitch, Rugby field, Baseball pitch

PP Series
Extremely movement rebound; Great inclusive
Tencate Polypropylene
Type:       PP6600
Width(mm):    12±5%
Thickness(μm):  65±5%

Professional Features
    Variety bright color

Excellent movement rebound
    Grass yarn is designed with wide leaf and there is a connection between the yarns. The deformation recovers instantly after stomp on it. It has great movement rebound and the stability of the feet is very good.

Application field: Tennis courts, basketball field, running track, etc…

MSPRO Series
Great anti-abrasion and orthostatic
Tencate Mspro-polyethylene monofilament
Type:       MS PRO
Width(mm):    1.45±5%
Thickness(μm):  130-310±5%

Super movement performance
    It can keep great rolling resistance after long time and high frequency usage.

Excellent orthostatic
    Two sides stem yarn create a great rebound resilience and orthostatic.

Close to natural grass
    Low light reflection, more comfortable and natural visual. It is the full reflection of sports affinity.

Applications: Soccer pitch, Rugby pitch, Baseball pitch

MSD Series
Abrasion parameters close to natural grass
Type:       MSD
Width(mm):    1.4±5%
Thickness(μm):  205±5%

Professional Features
    With the cooperation of Torchgrass and Tencate Thiolon , MSD Series is designed for Chinese market as cost-effective extruded monofilament products. MSD series turf has excellent basic parameters, better adapted to the requirement of the Chinese market, in the premise of quality guaranty; Tencate Thiolon MSD series products also have a more reasonable price.

Natural and great durability
    More natural appearance, soft and smooth feelings
Excellent movement performance
    It can bring very good ball rolling behavior, and recover to the original shape quickly.
Outstanding Anti UV capability
    Adapting to all kinds of sports pitches, highly cost effective with long service life.

Application:All kinds of sports pitches

MS TT Series
Great integrated performance
Type:       MS TT
Width(mm):    1.4±5%
Thickness(μm):  205±5%

    The yarn is soft and strong, close to natural grass, lower temperature generated by abrasion; it can prevent players’ injury.

    The special component makes it great Anti-UV characteristic and reduce the damage to artificial turf, enhance the anti-ageing resistance.

Great Integrated Performance
    Basis of a comprehensive upgrade performance, in terms of feeling of use, yarn life time, or the basis of environmental performance, it has a superior performance.

Natural Color

Applications: Soccer pitch, Multi sports pitch

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