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  • How do we control our production cost?

    We use advanced technology and production equipment to achieve completely automated production, thus improving production efficiency, and reducing waste of raw materials.Meanwhile, we make full use of raw materials by recycling materials and establishing strict resource distribution system.

  • How do we control product quality?

    We produce our synthetic lawns in strict conformation with ISO,SGS,EC standards. Now, our artificial lawns are awarded with not only SGS,EC certificates, but also FIFA and fireproofing certificates, as well as numerous other qualifications, as well. So customers can feel totally secure in using our products.

  • How long is the delivery cycle?

    Delivery times vary depending upon your orders, and the time of year. For instance, our turfs are delivered within 15 days- 20 days in normal seasons, while 20- 30 days for the peak time usually from May to October.

  • What is the highest standards of artificial turf system?

    The highest standard is that the field can pass International Football Association FIFA designated laboratory testing, and get the FIFA field certificate.

  • What does affect the service life of the lawn ?

    1) UV irradiation.  2) Using intensity and frequency.  3) The quality of the filler and the filling quantity.  4) Daily maintenance.

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