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National Youth Campus Football Championship finals in Beijing Huairou start

       At 9:00 on August 10 , 2015 National Youth Campus Football Championship Finals opening ceremony was held at the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium.

Final competition held in the Olympic Sports Center

       From the finals in Changsha , Dongying, Baotou , Chongqing, Nanchang , Xining six of total 128 teams ,selected out of eight junior teams, 16 primary schools and eight primary group team women's team, a total of 32 teams with more than 600 players , 
       In order to well promote and popular the campus football , this contest will be scheduled in schools campus, in order to ensure competition and the athletes safety effect , when the selection of the venue organizers set strict requirements, not only requires a good venue motion performance, but also safety and environmental protection requirements during the game in the rainy season, but also to ensure the lawn permeability , after evaluation of the final selection that winner is Torchgrass Co. Ltd located in Huairou ,pavement multiple venues. Beijing Torchgrass through its rich resources and experience of long-term participation in venues large variety of games and activities for the development of Chinese football helping , wish the motherland of football future is not a dream.


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