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FIFA Introduction

FIFA is Fédération internationale de football association
FIFA was Held in Paris, France on May 21st, 1904. The headquarter is in Zurich,

FIFA is responsible for the 3 major competitions are:

Management system of artificial turf is officially established in 2001. After development, FIFA unified the respective standard of FIFA and UEFA
and has launched own recommended star.

FIFA Membership:

Only FIFA members certified on their official website are eligible to apply for FIFA Pitches certificates and pay for annual contributions.

As a FIFA global member, Beijing Torchgrass promotes FIFA system certified artificial turf pitches in China.

FIFA certified procedure

Application for pitch (Installation should be done. Testing time excluding UV detection but sample delivery )

FIFA accredited laboratories:

Only accredited laboratories on FIFA website have qualified to do FIFA system testing.

Why to become FIFA certified Pitches ?

Only certified Pitches are eligible be held international competitions
FIFA certified pitch represents the highest standard of artificial turf and the symbol of professional soccer field.
The Company brand gets ascended worldwide.

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